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Aula de Relaciones Interculturales
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Centro docente, lugar de intercambio, punto de encuentro, sitio de referencia para conocer y darse a conocer
Spanish courses

What is Aula de Relaciones Interculturales?

Aula de Relaciones Interculturaless a place for communication and expression of diversity. Students of different nationalities interact with people of Águilas who want to study other languages for professional or other reasons. In that way we have a synergy, facilitating the development of intercultural relationships.

What offers Aula?

Aula de Relaciones Interculturales

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Spanish, German, French and English as foreign languages

Methodological approach
Our methodology is based on the proposals of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our courses are designed to satisfy the individual needs of our students. Flexible timetables and a continued negociation with the student about his aims mean the student himself is active in the whole learning process.

Type of courses
Intensive or extensive courses, courses with professional or other specific aims, preparation for exams (DELE, CAMBRIDGE, GOETHE, DELF/DALF). Small groups or individual classes.
Special offers for existing groups.

Our teachers are qualified native speakers.

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Aula de Relaciones Interculturales

Individual class


As we take comunication as a whole, learning a foreign language in Aula de Relacions Interculturales is always accompanied by activities which strengthen the purpose and help in its practice: e.g.

Look at our current programme.

Aula de Relaciones Interculturales

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Written translations and providing verbal translations for help in public offices such as banks, town hall, lawyers, doctors, architects etc.
Please ask without obligation.


Who can participate in our courses and cultural activities?
Everyone, regardless of ethnic group, sex, origin, sexual orientation or religion. Aula has good access for wheelchairs. You can learn one of several languages: Spanish, German, English of French and (or only) participate in the cultural activities.